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24 March 2006 @ 07:35 pm
I wish cars had window boxes for flowers.
Wonderwhat should be a word. I wonderwhat people want from me.
When a rooster crows, I hear "1984!" and then another one crows with "1985!"
I should write a short story about parrots harboring the tortured souls of the dead.
For years, I've randomly come to the conclusion that I will have a career in chair design.
Everything has an impact.
Nothing really disappears. It just breaks down into smaller particles.
Every thing is a comparison to another thing.
I want to push a grill down the sidewalk like a baby carriage.
I get uglier when I'm not happy.
In social interactions, I'm somewhere between Larry David and Luna Lovegood.
I think the people who do the voices of cartoons have the best jobs ever.