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24 May 2010 @ 06:07 pm
Ruth On The Street - Monday May 24  
I've decided to start blogging about my job as a canvasser because it is so interesting. I have so many conversations about the world's problems with so many different sorts of people on the streets of Boston.

I stand in the sidewalk and instantly judge the people walking towards me. I ask myself what kind of person they are. Are they alone? Are they smiling? Do they make eye contact?
"Hi! How are you?" :D
Do they smile? Do they make eye contact? Do they answer?
"Do you have a minute?" :D
98% of people do not stop. But sometimes they do.

Notables today were Gary, early 30's, dressed in a striped buttondown, semi professional attire. He works for the EPA on air quality. He says the best air is probably in northern California. He also says he cannot afford to sponsor a child who doesn't have clean water to drink because he is saving all his money to buy a condo because it's a pain to have to pay rent all the time. Gary admits to being a douchebag, but is in good spirits about it.

Also Larry, 50's, in a group of people sightseeing with the usual tourist look about them. Larry appreciates the work I'm doing out here, but he just lost his wife, isn't working, and can't afford $22 a month. He's from the San Francisco area, and says the economic depression has been a lot worse for people here on the east coast. I tell him that the organization I work for actually had an increase in new sponsors during that time.

A young girl from Haiti, one of the many extremely nice people I've met from Haiti, wearing blue eye shadow. She approaches me and traces a halo around her head. As I speak to her she softly strums an air guitar to the music emanating from Borders. She is a student and can't afford to help, but she is a lovely light fairie.

Tom. Tom should have signed up. Tom was a businessman eager to learn more. He had previously been a sponsor and put down his briefcases to give me his full attention. Tom wanted to learn more, on his own.

A young black boy who knows what a good cause this is, knows it's good, knows people in developing countries are so much more kind, can't give because of the money. I understand that I believe them when they are sincere in the wanting to help, but I never believe them when they tell me they can't afford it. This boy was very nice, and I won't berate him on the subject, but I do not understand how you can walk on with your DSW Shoes bag and tell me you can't afford it. The words are hard to come out but the truth is you don't want to spend the money you have on someone who needs what it can buy more than you.

That is the easy way out for you and it is called greed.